Podcast interview with Guy Woodcock, CEO of Montpellier PR & Dean Enon, Head of PR

Podcast interview with Guy Woodcock, CEO of Montpellier PR & Dean Enon, Head of PR. During the DIGITAL X event in Cologne, Guy and Dean speak candidly about how traditional PR has adapted to different modes of digital messaging and…

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Podcast Interview with Lars Tams, Senior Manager Marketing & Inside Sales at OPTIZ Consulting Deutschland GmbH

Podcast interview with Lars Tams, Senior Manager Marketing & Inside Sales at Optiz Consulting. We meet Lars at the DIGITALX 2019 in Cologne to discuss the importance of field marketing in the digital era. Our Managing Partner, Edward Loades also…

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Podcast Interview with Christian Andersen, VP Product & Performance Marketing at T – Systems International GmbH

Our Managing Partner, Edward Loades caught up with Christian R. Andersen, Vice President, Product and Performance Marketing at T-Systems International at the DIGITALX 2019 event in Cologne.Christian was kind enough to share with us his insights coming from over 20…

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Podcast Interview with Dr Gov Van Ek, Co-Founder – BitCar

BitCar Founder Dr Gov van Ek podcast Edward Loades: We’re here at the TechXLR8 conference at the ExCeL Centre in London, we’re joined by Gov van Eck from BitCar . Thanks very much for joining us. Gov van Eck: Yeah,…

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Image of Yama Habibzai, CMO of Densify

Podcast Interview with Yama Habibzai, Chief Marketing Officer – Densify

Edward Loades: So we’re here it’s TechXLR8 in London at the ExCeL centre. And I’m very happy to be joined by Yama Habibzai from Densify. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer. And we’re just going to have a little discussion about…

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Podcast 12: Image of Rhiannon Williams, Gamma

Podcast Interview with Rhiannon Williams, Senior Marketing Manager – Channel at Gamma

Podcast #12 Rhiannon was kind enough to give her take on the importance of lead-generation using marketing automation, how to improve audience engagement and how events such as UC Expo play a critical role in helping steer marketing & communication…

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Podcast image Mark Shaefer

Podcast Interview with Mark Schaefer, Author, Business Consultant & Speaker

Podcast#11 Edward Loades: Today, we’re joined by best-selling author, business consultant and international speaker of note and all around marketing guru, Mark Schaefer. Thank you very much indeed, Mark, for joining us today. Mark Schaefer: Well, thank you. Thanks for…

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Podcast 10: Image of James Fulton, PGi

Podcast Interview with James Fulton, Senior Marketing Manager at PGi

Podcast#10 Maria Loades: Hello, I’m here at UC Expo speaking to James Felton, Senior Marketing Manager of PGi. Hi, James. James Fulton: Hi, Maria Loades: We just had a quick call you said this was very successful event. Can you…

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Podcast Daniel Trillo image

Podcast Interview with Daniel Trillo, Head of Marketing Operations – Contino

Podcast#9 Maria Loades: Hello, it’s Maria here from Black Cliff Media. We are here today joined by Daniel Trillo , Head of Marketing Operations at Contino . Hi, Danielle, how are you today? Daniel Trillo: Hi, Maria. I’m great. Thanks….

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Podcast image of Rhian Williams-Zielinski

Podcast Interview with Rhian Williams-Zielinski, Head of Marketing & Communications, Majenta Solutions

Podcast#8 Edward Loades: Okay, so we’re here today with Rhian Williams-Zielinski, . She’s Head of Marketing Communications here at Majenta. And thank you so much indeed for joining us. Rhian Williams-Zielinski: You’re welcome! Edward Loades: And would you just give…

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Podcast Dr Paul Hammer - Biomes image

Podcast Interview with Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO – BIOMES

Podcast#7 Edward Loades: We’re here at Digital 2018 and I’m very happy to be joined by Dr. Paul Hammer from Biomes. And we’re just going to have a quick chat to him about his company and about his marketing strategy…

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Podcast 6 Ragnar Kruse image

Podcast Interview with Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO – Smaato

Podcast#6 Edward Loades So we’re here today at Digital 2018 in Cologne. And we’re speaking to Ragnar Kruse and his company Smaato about video advertising and generally how he’s using video advertising for, for his clients and also in the…

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Podcast Gregor Almassy image

Podcast Interview with Gregor Almássy, Director of Marketing – Huawei

Podcast#5 Edward Loades: Hello, we’re here it’s Digital 2018 cologne. And we’re speaking to Gregor Almássy, who is Marketing Head of Germany at Huawei . So hello to you. And thank you very much indeed for your time today. Gregor Almássy:…

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