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Is Content Marketing That Simple? – Nope…

You may first think that content marketing is about writing a few posts and publishing them on your website then wait for the miracle. Well, it’s not that simple but this way of thinking can actually be good – as a first step. But let’s dig deeper into this. Content marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to create online material and share it within your social media networks focusing on promoting a product or service.

You should also take a piece of this cake to use your content and attract more customers. The best thing, this won’t cost a single penny for you! You just need to give it time to create valuable, authentic and real content, let it get picked up by the social media and spread around the world. When this’s done, you win!

Are there several types of content marketing to choose from? – Yes!

Now you’re probably sitting there thinking ‘Okay, I got it but what do you mean by online material?’. The beauty of this is that you have plenty of content types to choose from! You can launch your company’s own blog by creating and sharing infographics, guides, news, how-to posts, a review of a book that touches your target audience or you can even review a product or do a research within your niche. Or do you prefer showing instead of telling? No worries!

Launch a YouTube account and start publishing and promoting your videos. You don’t even need to buy a fancy camera of the latest model. Just be brave enough to create content and soon you’ll see the results too. You can record interviews about your company or do a tour presenting the environment, employees, products and even the tools you use. By letting your consumers ‘behind the scenes’ new relationships can be created and the existing bonds can be deepened, giving you a great value.

The people of your or anyone’s target audience are different. Some of them may go for your blog posts to read and some may prefer listening to a podcast of yours or watching an audiovisual content. Learn to feed all of them!

Figure out what content suites your product or service the best by asking these questions from yourself:

  1. Who do you aim to attract – What is your target audience?
  2. How can you inspire, educate or entertain your target audience?
  3. What is your purpose? What action do you expect from your audience – e.g. subscribe to social media sites and / or e-mail list or purchase that product or service of yours?
  4. Do you have a point? How are these actions will contribute to your definition of success?

Go and check how the others are doing! Search for the people and companies with the same topics, interests and niche. You can learn a lot from them so start following and subscribing to their channel! You can see how they engage with their audience and the reactions to each content by reading opinions and comments from these people – positive and negative ones as well. We all make mistakes when we try something new, but by seeing how others started, what worked for them and what didn’t, you can learn from their mistakes. And even though their road wasn’t that smooth either, just see how far they got! And they’re probably not stopping there.

#hashtag – What is That By the Way?

You’re probably familiar with the well-known expression called hashtag. Now, it’s time to be friends with it! Hashtags are a type of labelling, metadata tags mostly used on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to help users finding a specific content. So, you search for the trending hashtags within your niche, create a content your target audience is starving for and lead them to the feast by hash-tagging your post. This will also help improving your SEO – Search Engine Optimization – within Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to display your posts and website on the first pages during a search.

For example, you’re a beauty company and you write a post or create a video about a glamorous lipstick. You’d probably aim for an audience full of women. Tip: it’s a great idea to involve some fashion and beauty bloggers too! These online content gurus write posts and reviews everyday about several kinds if beauty supplements, triggering their audience to buy and try exactly that one their favourite blogger recommends and uses.

After finishing your post, you can share it via your Twitter with a catchy sentence and some hashtags like #lipstick, #beauty, #fashion, #beautyblogger or #bblogger, #fashionblogger, #woman, #cosmetics, etc. And you can also tag other people and companies involved within this topic.

And those birds fly and tweet fast around everywhere…


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