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11 Reason why you need to Redesign your Website

There are plenty of signs that the time has come to refresh and redesign your website. Here are 11 of the top warnings suggesting that things need changing. 1. Your website is not responsive It is vitally important in this…

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Voice-recognition in marketing part2 illustration

Part 2 of 2: Voice-recognition, the greatest marketing disruptor

Welcome to Part 2 of 2: Voice-recognition, the greatest marketing disruptor. If you missed part one, just click here and catch up from the beginning where we explain how voice-recognition has positioned itself as a game-changer for brands and marketers….

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Voice-recognition in marketing part 1 illustration

Part 1 of 2: Voice-recognition, disrupting the marketing landscape

Voice-recognition, part of the pursuit of ease and convenience ‘We are all creatures of habit’ – If you ever required proof, just know that I’ve written that same phrase countless times. We get used to doing something a certain way,…

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Pillar Content Image

Pillar Content & Why You Should be Using it

Pillar Content = Content & strategy in one If you are trying to market your business in the modern world, then chances are that you will know that content is one of the most important things that you need to…

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Generating value through in-person events

In-person events, breathing life back into traditional marketing In today’s world, there are a variety of ways that you can promote your brand. For the most part, it seems that marketing is focused on virtual approaches however, that doesn’t mean…

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Data-Driven Marketing image

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing. Marketing precision without the heavy lifting Marketing your business is incredibly important, after all, without getting your name out there you are never going to gain the success that you hope for. The only trouble with marketing is…

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Content strategy and Storytelling for B2B Campaigns

B2B Content Strategy & Storytelling Birmingham, Thursday 21st February 2019 We are pleased to invite you to a CIPR event taking place on the 21st of February 2019 in Birmingham. Our Managing Partner Edward Loades together with Hannah Patel from…

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Event Marketing Image

Event Marketing: 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing This.

The Demise and Rise of Event Marketing For a while it looked as though online marketing had replaced event marketing. Trade shows, expos and other event style gatherings took a bit of a nosedive while everyone was distracted by these…

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Key Marketing Trends 2019 part 2 image

Key Marketing Trends for 2019 & Beyond! (Part 2)

6. Content Marketing: Divide and conquer Content Marketing as a whole continues to be an area that all brands are investing heavily in for the future. Our Podcast with Ryan Collier,Senior Account Manager of Egress at IP EXPO 2018 revealed…

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Marketing trends 2019 image

Key Marketing Trends for 2019 & Beyond! (Part 1 of 2)

Before the hit sequel, there was… Welcome to the first of our two-part guide to the greatest marketing influences for next year and the future. Jam-packed with content and links to the opinions from experts that we have been fortunate…

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A celebration of home-grown creative talent

We’re back in town… Black Cliff Media are once again delighted to sponsor the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards, which will be taking place at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham. This year brings with it a wealth of…

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Colour of the year Marketing and Design image

2018 in Colour!

We explain why this year’s Colour, isn’t all purple prose   There’s a New Colour in Town It’s official, purple is ‘the’ colour of 2018! Not just any purple (there’s more than one?), this year’s purple is what the folks…

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Putting it all Down to Experience

Experiential Marketing

Putting it all Down to Experience Experiential Marketing, a Rapidly Evolving Tool As the need to satisfy today’s consumers’ unquenchable thirst for unique products and services and the growing difficulty facing companies in generating dependable, brand loyalty – Experiential Marketing…

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