8 tips how to make a fantastic recruitment video

As soon as you post a job, your company is being rigorously scrutinised and measured against your competitors; from the quality of your website, social media presence and most importantly your company’s culture. Making a good first impression as an employer could be the difference between attracting high quality talent or making an unsatisfactory hire.

recruitment culture video

Creating an excellent recruitment or culture video, gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your values, communicate what you’re best at, interview the great people who work in your company, as well as show your office space. By using video effectively you will attract the best possible talent that will enrich your company for years to come.

Statistics show that job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than those without, while application rates can rise by 34%.

So now you’ve made the decision to make a recruitment video, what should you consider before and during the production.

  1. Personalities
    Bring out the best in everyone by creating a relaxed filming environment. For many this is the first time they have appeared on camera so keep everything low-key so they can show their true selves.
  2. Prepare questions but stay loose
    Getting approval for questions by a marketing manager before filming will ensure that the video hits all the right marketing messages. Questions are important but allow for follow-ups which can be led by what each individual feels comfortable talking about, perhaps they have an interesting story to tell?
  3. Avoid notes and auto cues
    Allowing interviewees to read from notes during interviews results in stiff, unnatural answers which will prevent personalities from shining through. Questions can be sent beforehand but preparation should be limited to simple bullet points.
  4. B-Roll
    Consider including stand-up meetings, brainstorming sessions or even company socials to break up the interview with as many interesting visuals as possible. It is important to get a sense of location from the interview so consider including exterior shots of your office or, if you have the budget, drone footage.
  5. Breaks
    Always allow interviewees to take a break, even if you have a tight schedule. Filming is a demanding process so make sure that they have the necessary downtime to ensure interviewees are energised throughout. To avoid stressful situations, remember to schedule these breaks in advance and include it into the filming schedule.
  6. Location
    Booking the right office space is crucial ahead of filming. Where possible avoid white office walls and instead look at more communal spaces with colour and artwork on the walls. Bear in mind that filming out of windows is not ideal and be aware of reflective surfaces that may show too much behind the scenes.
  7. Clothing
    Overly patterned clothing or textured suits can cause issues with the quality of the footage. Cameras don’t like to process too much information so it may result in moiré effects, a strange wavy-pattern across the video. Therefore, flat, simple coloured clothing is the best choice.
  8. Call-to-action text
    Always consider what action the viewer should take after watching the video. Include website links to recruitment pages or simply list the jobs that are on offer onscreen. If you aren’t recruiting immediately, a simple link to your website will suffice.

Here is an example of a recruitment video that we created for technology consultancy Dae.mn:

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