How to align a solid communications strategy with a business plan in order to achieve growth.

We spoke to Liam O’Neill, Commercial Director at Red Marlin Ltd who are a PR Communications specialist for automotive businesses. Liam firmly believes that clients who are willing to share their business plans get the best results from their communications…

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What is ESG and why should companies embrace these values?

Amy Ahmed-Dolphin is Account Director at Whistle PR and has recently taken on the role of Head of ESG Communications. We spoke to her about why she feels so passionately about ESG and the importance of communicating strong company ethics….

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recruitment culture video

8 tips how to make a fantastic recruitment video

Creating an excellent recruitment or culture video, gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your values, communicate what you’re best at, interview the great people who work in your company, as well as show your office space. By using video effectively…

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interactive content

Is interactive content the future of marketing?

Why is interactive content worth considering? Interactive forms of marketing not only offer a variety of options to navigate but also give you, the creator, an opportunity to impress with creativity and interactive design. An interactive infographic for example is…

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marketing trends 2022

10 top marketing trends for 2022

We have conducted a survey about which trends will increase in popularity and which new marketing trends we should keep an eye on for next year. As a result of the survey, participants have told us what marketing trends will…

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Interview with Tim Luft, Innovation Lead at Create Central

We had the pleasure to interview Tim about the positive impact his organisation is having on the creative sector, upcoming innovation initiatives and the importance of cross-sector cooperation.

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Guy Woodcock _ importance of leadership

Interview with Guy Woodcock, CEO & Founder of Montpellier PR

As a company owner, what do you see as your primary responsibilities during uncertain times, whether that be during this pandemic or through any major adjustments in your company? The first priority in a national or economic crisis is to…

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8 alternatives to traditional video

Don’t put the brakes on your video content! 8 alternatives to traditional video for your marketing campaigns.

However, putting the brakes on your video marketing is not only unnecessary but unwise given the options that are still available to you. Eyes are firmly on screens for longer than they ever have been before, so now is the…

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Interview with Rob Ettridge, Partner and Chief Client Officer at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

We had the pleasure to interview Rob during the lockdown, where he shared his company’s philosophy and insights on how to craft appropriate messaging and provide ‘value-added consultancy’ during a crisis. Who is getting it right and who isn’t? How…

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use an explainer video

5 reasons to use an explainer video in your marketing strategy.

Why should you use an explainer video in your marketing content mix? It’s not exactly breaking news that when it comes to your business and explaining your offerings to your target audience you need to be thinking about video. Of…

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ZOIS event video

How to create a good video?

Types of videos – choose the best one for you Explainer Video Explainer videos are primarily used by companies operating in the new technology sector. Such videos explain how your products work and what they are used for. They are…

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Video Marketing Production studio Coventry

6 major mistakes made in video marketing

 Video Marketing Mistakes – How to avoid these It is crucial to avoid basic mistakes while publishing videos. Otherwise, you will let all the effort and funds invested in its production go to waste. Standard thumbnail Do you know this…

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YouTube managing image

How to manage your YouTube channel

What do you need to know about YouTube from the very beginning You log into YouTube with your Google Account. They are synchronised so deleting your Google Account will result in removing all the details of your YouTube channel including…

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