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How to manage your YouTube channel

What do you need to know about YouTube from the very beginning You log into YouTube with your Google Account. They are synchronised so deleting your Google Account will result in removing all the details of your YouTube channel including…

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Explainer Video and Product Animation – a powerful tool

Explainer Video Defined An Explainer Video is a video which explains the functions of a product or a service. The video clearly highlights information about an offer or the company itself. A Product Animation has the same purpose as an…

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Why do you need Video Marketing? 8 fantastic reasons

Video Marketing Video is gaining more and more recognition these days. Here are only few facts and stats which prove that video is one of the strongest marketing tool you can use while promoting your products or services. 96% of…

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5 Ways to promote your video online

Here are some simple, but effective ways to promote your video online: Share the video through social media A great way to gain exposure for your video is by sharing it on social media. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

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How to promote a book with a video trailer?

6 key points to consider when producing the perfect book trailer Style Decide whether you want an animated trailer or a filmed (‘live’ action) trailer. Animated trailers are a great way to suggest characters rather than filming actors. If you…

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