Instagram, an untapped resource?

Instagram is one of the new boys on the block in terms of social media and it is making waves already as it has more recorded users than Twitter. Many people believe this new found power is the fact it is owned by Facebook. When you are associated with Facebook the exposure is imminent and that has proven to be the case.

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Instagram – a platform worth considering

In terms of marketing your brand on social media, every channel is different because of usage and interaction; Instagram is no different. Here are some pointers to building an effective brand over Instagram:

Follow your customers/people that follow you

This is a small gesture but can go a long way for a customer in terms of loyalty as they want to feel wanted, as does anyone. Maybe avoid interacting with them unless they mention you or they are a very close customer, other than that just follow them and they appreciate the gesture.

Hashtags are essential

If you imagine hashtags as a postal address and your post is your letter, those hashtags will put that post in its required location so that the relevant people can see it and gain you exposure. Doing this will enable you to access members of your target audience with ease and also reach out to some potential new followers along the way.

Try and be unique

A little humour never hurt anyone, but more importantly neither did thinking outside of the box. An original post will make you stand out and draw people to your brand. Many businesses and brands are built on this.

Take action shots

Your followers would love to see behind the scenes on how your business operates, so try to do it as much as you can as it’s interesting for everyone involved. Being inclusive is key to building your brand on social media and there are few better ways than this.

Have links to your content

It is all well and good having a great Instagram account but the real reason it is being used is to drive people to your content, and having links is essential for this. It can be to your webiste, or other social media accounts, just make sure it is there.

Sometimes less is more

Finally, a balance must be found on the amount of posts that you post. There is nothing more frustrating than an account that is constantly filling your timeline with their products or other similar things, so be wary of this.

We have all seen the power that social media has, and using these tips you can gain this power and grow your brand significantly.


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