Use and Benefits of Animated explainer videos

In the age of social media and instant communication, people have shorter attention spans than ever, often getting bored or distracted easily. Statistics show that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds! ( National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2013). Animated explainer videos are quick and easy to engage with, ensuring that your audience will listen to your online marketing message.

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Purpose of explainer videos

Explainer or explanatory online videos are short clips which describe the purpose and products/services of a company. Animated explainer videos are a specific form of this.
These videos aim to explain complex issues through the use of interesting visuals. Information loaded with technical jargon, is condensed into a fun and entertaining video.
They help to convey a simple message, which should encourage the audience to take action. By increasing understanding of products, customers will be able to make more informed buying decisions.

As a highly creative and engaging medium, animated explainer videos are a popular choice amongst startups and businesses in general. These online videos ‘humanize’ your business by allowing your audience to form a more personal connection to a brand.

T-Systems – ‘House of Quality – People’ from Black Cliff Media on Vimeo.

Main Benefits of explainer videos

Memorable & informative

Research has shown that people are 50% more likely to retain information presented both visually and aurally, compared to either format individually. Animated explainer videos are therefore a powerful tool for creating long-lasting, high impact and persuasive messages. With people’s attentions spans getting shorter and shorter, it’s become increasingly important to be able to capture and sustain their attention.

Increased conversion rates

Animated explainer videos can have a massive impact on your businesses bottom line. With companies such as dropbox seeing a 10% conversion rate from a single video, it’s no wonder why so many business are including explainer videos in their online marketing strategy.

The use of video increases the amount of time a potential customer will stay on your website. Web pages with explainer videos are watched for an average of 2.7 minutes. Visitors who watch a video until the end are 65% more likely to be converted into customers!

Online visibility boost

As videos are easily shareable, placing an animated explainer video onto your website is likely to lead to an increase in online visibility. Online videos reduce your bounce rate, (the percentage of customers who ‘bounce’ away from your website, rather than continue to view other pages) and as a result can improve your SEO ranking.


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