Podcast Interview with Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO – BIOMES

Our Managing Partner Edward Loades tracked down Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO for Biomes, a biotec digital health company. Dr Hammer shared his expertise on how digital technology has helped to communicate complex scientific processes while significantly increasing the reach of engagement with audiences.

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Edward Loades: We’re here at Digital 2018 and I’m very happy to be joined by Dr. Paul Hammer from Biomes. And we’re just going to have a quick chat to him about his company and about his marketing strategy moving forward. And great to have you with us. And so we just like to, you know, would you look just like to introduce your company to us?

Dr Paul Hammer: Yes, thank you, Edward. I’m happy also to be here. So at Biomes we’re combining biotech and digital healthcare. Because we make microbiome analyses, we analyses the microbes in an on your body for self-testing kit called INTEST Pro, where you can make a sample, and when you send back the sample to us or laboratories, we do see conversion from a biological DNA into the digital DNA and then we can identify any microbe – and quantify any microbe and we can say, hey, you have the good one, or you have the bad one.

And then we can tell you, okay, anything is okay or not? And when it’s not okay, we say what’s wrong, and then we can help you to get your gut flora again, and a good balance in this case of a gut microbiome.

Edward Loades: Fascinating. So how do you explain the benefits of your product to your clients?

Dr Paul Hammer: Actually, healthy gut flora for example, has around 1000 different microbes really complex and digitalisation helps us to show in a nice user-friendly way, lower complexity of the biology. So first, we create really complex data. So digital DNA data, then we make the software programme and the processing and interpretation and in the end we need a user-friendly interface, where the customer can work with also this airport or the doctor.

So therefore the digitalisation is really important for us, and you can better also share your biological insights. We can track you we are interactive in our dashboard is shared with our customers. And we asked them hey, how do you feel? When was your last night when you drink more than three beers? For example, they had to see hey, how’s your lifestyle actually and how the link to your biological profile and for that digitalisation brilliant.

Edward Loades: Excellent. And can I ask you in terms of your marketing strategy and how you’re again communicating to the wider outside of B2B technology as well, I imagine – what types of content Have you found most effective?

Dr Paul Hammer: Actually, is depending on our type of groups, and we have two major types, one who is suffering on certain symptoms like blockage or, I don’t know, food intolerance such things yeah. And then we have people fitness interested, who would like to be more performant and would like to improve and who would like to know more and we talked to the….

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