Steven Grinberg, Squirro talks AI image

B2B Marketing Expert Interview: Steven Grinberg, Marketing Director – Squirro

AI has been around for a while – but thanks to digitisation and its enabling technologies, like the cloud – it has become more prevalent and useful across a diverse range of industries. Where do you see AI’s greatest benefit…

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Podcast Interview with Dr Gov Van Ek, Co-Founder – BitCar

BitCar Founder Dr Gov van Ek podcast Edward Loades: We’re here at the TechXLR8 conference at the ExCeL Centre in London, we’re joined by Gov van Eck from BitCar . Thanks very much for joining us. Gov van Eck: Yeah,…

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Image of Yama Habibzai, CMO of Densify

Podcast Interview with Yama Habibzai, Chief Marketing Officer – Densify

Edward Loades: So we’re here it’s TechXLR8 in London at the ExCeL centre. And I’m very happy to be joined by Yama Habibzai from Densify. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer. And we’re just going to have a little discussion about…

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Voice-recognition in marketing part2 illustration

Part 2 of 2: Voice-recognition, the greatest marketing disruptor

Welcome to Part 2 of 2: Voice-recognition, the greatest marketing disruptor. If you missed part one, just click here and catch up from the beginning where we explain how voice-recognition has positioned itself as a game-changer for brands and marketers….

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ZOIS web design, Krystian, lead developer

ZOIS Web Design: Discover The 5 Secrets From Our Lead Developer…

If you missed our Case Study and the low-down on the project brief and how we came up with the web design. Can you tell us a bit about your main objectives for this web design project? The priorities for…

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Case Study: Creating a new website for Zero Outage Industry Standard (ZOIS) Association

The Client ZOIS – Zero Outage Industry Standard is an association comprising of some of the largest and most influential tech companies in the ICT hemisphere. T-Systems, Brocade, SAP, Cisco, IBM, Dell, EMC, HDS, Juniper, NetApp and SUSE represent just…

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Voice-recognition in marketing part 1 illustration

Part 1 of 2: Voice-recognition, disrupting the marketing landscape

Voice-recognition, part of the pursuit of ease and convenience ‘We are all creatures of habit’ – If you ever required proof, just know that I’ve written that same phrase countless times. We get used to doing something a certain way,…

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Podcast image Mark Shaefer

Podcast Interview with Mark Schaefer, Author, Business Consultant & Speaker

Podcast#11 Edward Loades: Today, we’re joined by best-selling author, business consultant and international speaker of note and all around marketing guru, Mark Schaefer. Thank you very much indeed, Mark, for joining us today. Mark Schaefer: Well, thank you. Thanks for…

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Podcast 12: Image of Rhiannon Williams, Gamma

Podcast Interview with Rhiannon Williams, Senior Marketing Manager – Channel at Gamma

Podcast #12 Rhiannon was kind enough to give her take on the importance of lead-generation using marketing automation, how to improve audience engagement and how events such as UC Expo play a critical role in helping steer marketing & communication…

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Podcast 10: Image of James Fulton, PGi

Podcast Interview with James Fulton, Senior Marketing Manager at PGi

Podcast#10 Maria Loades: Hello, I’m here at UC Expo speaking to James Felton, Senior Marketing Manager of PGi. Hi, James. James Fulton: Hi, Maria Loades: We just had a quick call you said this was very successful event. Can you…

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Sarah Kent Whistle PR Image

6 Killer Communication Questions You Should be Asking Your Board by Sarah Kent, MD – Whistle PR

Whether you’re working in-house or agency-side, getting board-level engagement in the development of your communications strategy is vital to its success. Senior level buy-in can often mean easier delivery, bigger budgets and internal recognition for the role that communications plays…

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Podcast Daniel Trillo image

Podcast Interview with Daniel Trillo, Head of Marketing Operations – Contino

Podcast#9 Maria Loades: Hello, it’s Maria here from Black Cliff Media. We are here today joined by Daniel Trillo , Head of Marketing Operations at Contino . Hi, Danielle, how are you today? Daniel Trillo: Hi, Maria. I’m great. Thanks….

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web design for GJN by Black Cliff Media image

Case Study: Web Design. Rebranding Global Justice Network

Before a Web Design, Our Approach = Attention to Detail Here at Black Cliff Media, we really take the time to get to know our clients inside and out. Before any project, we know to truly deliver meaningful solutions we…

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