web design for GJN by Black Cliff Media image

Case Study: Web Design. Rebranding Global Justice Network

Before a Web Design, Our Approach = Attention to Detail Here at Black Cliff Media, we really take the time to get to know our clients inside and out. Before any project, we know to truly deliver meaningful solutions we…

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Podcast image of Rhian Williams-Zielinski

Podcast Interview with Rhian Williams-Zielinski, Head of Marketing & Communications, Majenta Solutions

Podcast#8 Edward Loades: Okay, so we’re here today with Rhian Williams-Zielinski, . She’s Head of Marketing Communications here at Majenta. And thank you so much indeed for joining us. Rhian Williams-Zielinski: You’re welcome! Edward Loades: And would you just give…

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Event Marketing Image

Event Marketing: 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing This.

The Demise and Rise of Event Marketing For a while it looked as though online marketing had replaced event marketing. Trade shows, expos and other event style gatherings took a bit of a nosedive while everyone was distracted by these…

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Zero Outage Industry Standard Association image

Case Study: Zero Outage Industry Standard Association

Case Study: Zero Outage Industry Standard (ZOIS) Association Our core values For us, here at Black Cliff Media, there is nothing more vital than delivering engaging content that exceeds our clients’ expectations and facilitates the delivery of highly successful marketing…

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Expert Marketing Interview image of Maz Lopez

Expert Interview: Maz Lopez, Head of Marketing, Boston Limited

“VR has the potential to change the world…in training, research, engineering, medicine and automotive industries.” Boston Limited were nominated at last year’s Tech Marketing and Innovation Awards, for the best use of AR/VR category. Could you tell us a little…

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Key Marketing Trends 2019 part 2 image

Key Marketing Trends for 2019 & Beyond! (Part 2)

6. Content Marketing: Divide and conquer Content Marketing as a whole continues to be an area that all brands are investing heavily in for the future. Our Podcast with Ryan Collier,Senior Account Manager of Egress at IP EXPO 2018 revealed…

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Marketing trends 2019 image

Key Marketing Trends for 2019 & Beyond! (Part 1 of 2)

Before the hit sequel, there was… Welcome to the first of our two-part guide to the greatest marketing influences for next year and the future. Jam-packed with content and links to the opinions from experts that we have been fortunate…

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Syndicate Communications Mark Chambers image

Expert Interview: Mark Chambers MD Syndicate Communications

Syndicate Communications has consistently won recognition for delivering a broad number of highly successful regional and national campaigns. What would you say are the key ingredients for your continued success? Syndicate has won a number of PRide awards over the…

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Podcast 6 Ragnar Kruse image

Podcast Interview with Ragnar Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO – Smaato

Podcast#6 Edward Loades So we’re here today at Digital 2018 in Cologne. And we’re speaking to Ragnar Kruse and his company Smaato about video advertising and generally how he’s using video advertising for, for his clients and also in the…

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Podcast Dr Paul Hammer - Biomes image

Podcast Interview with Dr Paul Hammer, Founder and CEO – BIOMES

Podcast#7 Edward Loades: We’re here at Digital 2018 and I’m very happy to be joined by Dr. Paul Hammer from Biomes. And we’re just going to have a quick chat to him about his company and about his marketing strategy…

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Podcast: image of Sabine Elsner of AudioCodes

Podcast Interview with Sabine Elsner, Marketing Manager Europe – AudioCodes

Podcast#3 Edward Loades: It’s a Digital 2018 in Cologne, and I’m speaking to Sabine Elsner from AudioCodes. And we’re just going to have a little discussion about digitalisation and AudioCodes, marketing moving forward, what they’re up to and I’ll let…

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Podcast: image of Olaf Lorenz of Konica Minolta

Podcast Interview with Olaf Lorenz General Manager, International Marketing Division – Konica Minolta

Podcast#4 Edward Loades: I’m here with Konica Minolta Business Solutions‘ General Manager and Marketing Head, Olaf Lorenz. And we’re just going to have a short chat about all things marketing and your plans going ahead and the challenges we that you’re…

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Podcast Gregor Almassy image

Podcast Interview with Gregor Almássy, Director of Marketing – Huawei

Podcast#5 Edward Loades: Hello, we’re here it’s Digital 2018 cologne. And we’re speaking to Gregor Almássy, who is Marketing Head of Germany at Huawei . So hello to you. And thank you very much indeed for your time today. Gregor Almássy:…

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