Podcast Interview with Gregor Almássy, Director of Marketing – Huawei

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Edward Loades: Hello, we’re here it’s Digital 2018 cologne. And we’re speaking to Gregor Almássy, who is Marketing Head of Germany at Huawei . So hello to you. And thank you very much indeed for your time today.

Gregor Almássy: Hello, nice to meet you.

Edward Loades: Can you just give us just a brief introduction, how you’re, you know how the events going, etc,

Gregor Almássy: We’re very satisfied with the events, it’s the first time for us to be here, in such a prominent way. I think this is the year of Huawei  anyways. Also, for B2B perspective, it’s the perfect location for us to showcase our whole portfolio. But besides being a mobile phone, producer, we are also in the network business, and also in the B2B business. So it’s a perfect audience for us here.

Edward Loades: Great, and obviously our audience is B2B technology. And we just wanted to ask you some very brief questions about pain points that you’re experiencing at this time, and kind of what the future holds for marketing heads within major companies. So first of all, I just like to ask you, you know, how do you explain the benefits of your product to your clients?

Gregor Almássy: Well it depends on which products, if it’s a consumer product, of course, we’re using their normal way of advertising more or less, but we’re trying to, to be as innovative as possible with all our advertising stuff, so. But we also have a very strong focus on PR. Because since we are a newcomer, we need to have very respected sources, that test monitor the quality of our products, which works out very well, since the product quality of our product is outstanding, especially when it comes to mobile photography. Yeah, so it has been a great year for us till now and also looking into 2020. Very optimistic in 2019.

Edward Loades: Good to hear. And can I ask you just what are your what are the pain points of the challenges that you’re facing at the moment in communicating your flagship products?

Gregor Almássy: Right, I think like, it’s not that we are facing those problems, I think every other brand is facing them as well, that that we see a dramatic change in the whole advertising world. It becomes more specialised, it becomes more fragmented. So on the one side, you need to spend more time for smaller audiences, on the other side there are more and more technology innovations are there to help us to even target smaller groups, such as they using artificial intelligence for our marketing activities. So yeah, the whole industry is changing. And I think the challenge for every market here will be to keep up with all the challenges.

Edward Loades: Absolutely, and can I ask you just to be a little bit specific about what types of content you’re finding most effective?

Gregor Almássy: When I think currently, for our B2C products, like the mobile phones, it’s of course, the photos, because you can showcase immediately the quality of our products, and what kind of amazing pictures you can create with our products. So our main focus is photography. That’s why we focusing heavily on channels like Instagram, where it’s all about photography.

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