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Edward Loades: I’m here with Konica Minolta Business Solutions‘ General Manager and Marketing Head, Olaf Lorenz. And we’re just going to have a short chat about all things marketing and your plans going ahead and the challenges we that you’re facing and pain points you’re facing at this moment. So how, at the moment, how are you explaining the benefits of your product to your wider customers?

Olaf Lorenz: In fact, most of the things we are doing right now is trying to optimise content inside the clients client side. So that’s why we are trying to optimise a lot of the workflows which are sitting in paper and all kinds of different documents. So that’s why the benefit for our customer and all the cases is improving the efficiency within their organisation. And ultimately later on also, that’s something we adding right now. And it’s helping them for making the right decisions on the spot for any types of different situations.

Edward Loades: Right. So what sort of, general question, challenges are marketing managers facing at this time with the amount of channels that you have to cover etc. and what challenges you’re facing on a day to day basis?

Olaf Lorenz: As we are doing mainly B2B, so we are B2B brand and we are dealing in the B2B space – the biggest challenge right now is as you pointed out the different challenges so you still have to do a lot of traditional things on print materials, but at the same time, you have to serve already a lot of, through the content marketing, a lot of new channels for serving different requirements.

So the vast [challenge] of serving all the different areas has become almost impossible these days to keep up with everything and in the same way. So that’s why we are trying to do as much as we can digital marketing already by switching from print to more digital marketing. However, still, there’s a print marketing also requested by us as marketers, so that’s why this is basically always being the biggest obstacle to leave the status quo, to do the new things and still keeping everything up and running.

Edward Loades: And in terms of content marketing, what types of content new found most effective?

Olaf Lorenz: More and more small videos, to explain obstacles to even having customer interviews being embedded to be more authentic for what you are telling towards your areas becoming important, but of course, a lot of the infographics because in the past reading time, the infographics is the most tangible point where people stop by getting in and reading and consuming some of the information. So that’s why I think at the moment we are spending a lot of time to look for videos, small videos, which are also being broadcast in social media channels and of course infographics to grab attention.

Edward Loades: And can you be at all specific about with regards to a particular product, flagship product that you’re promoting at the moment – is there anything how you’re using that content within the context of your specific product?

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