Podcast#1: Ryan Collier, Senior Account Manager – Egress

I attended this year’s IP EXPO, the UK’s largest and fastest growing end-to-end networking and infrastructure event at Excel, London and was fortunate to catch up with Ryan Collier, Senior Account Manager at Egress.

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Jordan Copplestone: So I’m here with Ryan from Egress. Ryan, thanks very much for taking the time to speak to me. I just had a few questions from a marketing perspective, from within the industry. I’ll start with the first one, which is, how do you explain the benefits of digital transformation to your customers?

Ryan Collier: I think it’s an interesting one, I think digital transformation sort of evolved over a period of time. And the benefits of that is I think everyone’s moving with it, I think you can’t get away from what everyone else is doing in the marketing area.

And what everyone else is using to sort of deliver the service into the markets, and how technology solutions are actually being brought to the market, if you don’t have the right strategies, and you don’t really know how to approach it to certain customers and certain individuals, you don’t really get the point across and I think with how the industry is gone, and how it shaped – digital transformation, nobody’s going to get away from it, it’s focused on many different categories, it’s focused on many different elements to how our services are delivered to the market.

I mean, Egress itself has various solutions and various products,  that you need to be delivered to the industries and the various different sectors that we work in, to get these messages across. And, and if we’re not getting these messages across, you know, obviously, it becomes a challenging factor at that. So yeah, you know, the benefits of digital transformation: One, the customer always understands what we are doing, and they get a clear cut idea.

Two, probably get a good further awareness. You know, I think awareness is the biggest problem in our industry right now. And, and maybe a third one, is to just have that internal benefit, sometimes they have their own agenda to grow their own strategies. And, you know, having the internal awareness is also a good thing, because they know what to do next, and what the next steps.

Jordan Copplestone: That’s great. Thank you. And if I was to ask, how important is content marketing for your company? What would you say?

Ryan Collier: Extremely – yeah, I think content marketing is something that a lot of us technology companies work off completely, it’s something that, if you haven’t got your content marketing in the right sectors, then hey, you might not get your information out. And that’s a big worry. And in the industry that we’re in, I think a lot of companies do similar things. And if your strategies aren’t aligned, or if you’re not getting your message out in the correct way, you’re always going to struggle.

So you know, content marketing is definitely up there in our environments. You know, and it’s always going to evolve. And the challenge of how we approach that is always going to evolve, and it’s definitely up there as probably the top three things you can focus on.

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