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How long does it take to create a website?

One cannot reply clearly to this question. The time depends on the degree of complexity of the future website. If you want to know how long it can be please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your project in details or at least give you a rough idea of the cost.

What exactly is website design, what will I get?

Each website is custom designed. That means that all projects are having two parts; the design part and the build part. Website design includes the creation of graphics, colours, navigation system and typography. Project is sent to you in JPG. Once we have made any necessary changes and you have approved the project, we will start the build.

Website build is the implementation of the design in the form of a working website. This includes graphic coding, configuration of extensions and depending on the project input of the text, images and videos or products. All our projects are created in accordance with the principles of optimisation, to ensure your new website will position high in the search engines like Google and Bing.

Will I be able to oversee the process of building my website?

Of course. At each stage of website design and build you will have insight into the effects of our work. Moreover, each project has assigned a supervisor who knows exactly the guidelines for each website. This provides a smooth communication of client’s requirements with to the design and build departments.

Could you prepare a sample design?

There is no possibility of obtaining from us “sample” of the project. All designs created by us are prepared individually. Before we begin our graphic designers work on the project, we collect complete information from the client, asking about expectations, we analyse the competition, and also ask to provide the materials that are to appear on the site. Preliminary work on the project requires dedication of time – both our and client’s. To get an idea of what we produce, please visit our portfolio section.

How many versions of graphic design will I receive?

This depends on our agreement. Usually, our clients receive one version of the graphic design tailored to its pre-specified requirements. After sending the draft to the client we introduce the amendments according to his suggestions. We repeat the process until the client is fully satisfied. It is crucial to make all the decisions about functionality, layout and design of the website before we start building the website.

Can you implement our own website design?

Of course, it is possible to implement the web design submitted by the customer. We estimate the cost of such project after receiving it from the client.

Will I be able to independently manage the content on my website?

Customers are free to choose whether they want to have the page “static”, on which the changes will be introduced sporadically or content will be changed frequently. In the first case, we propose that the changes were introduced on to the customer’s order through us. In the case of frequent updates of pages when it is necessary to manage the website content, we propose page equipped with a CMS system that allows you to manage the content for your page directly without our involvement.

Is it possible to redesign the website I already have?

This depends on the website that the client wants to remodel. Not every website can be rebuilt and it does not always pay off. Sometimes it is more cost effective to build an entirely new website.

Can you install the new website on an external server of another service provider?

Yes, it certainly is possible to install the new website on a server of another provider. The customer decides whether the website will be installed on our server or on external server.

Do you offer online shops?

Yes. Our company specialises in creating comprehensive solutions in the field of e-commerce. If you are interested in our online shops offer please feel free to contact us.

How does the website come up on the first pages of Google search?

The position of the website in the search engine is largely determined by its content and its code. That’s why we turn our clients’ attention on preparing the most valuable content and we build all websites with an optimised code. In addition, it is important to present a professional knowledge both on the business’s website, as well as in blogs or other professional guides.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how long does it take?

SEO goal is to raise the position of a website in search engine results. These effects are long lasting. It is not possible to determine the exact time in which to see concrete results. Undertaken activities mainly consist in optimising the code and the whole structure of the website and also writing professional articles supporting the website.

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Educated in Krakow and Vienna, with a working background in Marketing and Event Management gained in St. Petersburg, Paris and London, Maria has a strong interest in marketing and business development with a particular emphasis on visual content marketing. She is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Black Cliff Media Ltd., where she manages Web Design and Graphic Design projects.

Maria speaks fluent Polish, English and German, some French and Russian and she currently studies Italian. She loves basketball, trail-running and tennis. She is married and has two young sons.

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