Unlocking Success: How to Use Landing Pages for PR Campaigns

Craft a Compelling Narrative  Your landing page is a digital canvas on which you can tell a compelling story. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a partnership, or addressing a crisis, the landing page should narrate your message clearly…

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What do you need to know about dynamic content?

Adaptive content uses a database containing information on users’ previous behaviour or interaction with the site to create changing standards on the website. Tracking data such as a person’s location, user name, interests and other details is very useful when…

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keyword research

Keyword research. What is it and how do you perform it?

The aim of keyword research practice is to generate, with precision and recall, many phrases that are highly relevant yet not immediately obvious to the given input keyword. 5 keyword research tools Research can be performed in an old school…

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the death of third-party cookies

How will the death of third-party cookies affect marketing?

What are cookies? Computer cookies are small files, which aim is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity. A website might use cookies to learn and to keep a record of a web visitors’ overall online…

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rules of great User Experience

5 rules of great User Experience

The most important elements of the interface are: buttons, text boxes, check boxes, various types of menus; information elements (e.g. hints, notifications, warnings, messages, progress bars); navigation elements (e.g. search field, icons). These 5 UX rules are fundamental if we…

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Interview with Andreia Martins, Business Developer & Marketing Manager at Sétima

Hi, please could you tell us a bit about your current position and how do you manage to combine the diversity of the tasks your role involves. Hi Maria! First of all, thanks a lot for this opportunity to share…

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How to improve your SEO

How to improve your SEO and land on the first page on Google?

How to land on the first page on Google? We are often asked this question when we launch a website for a new business. There are two answers; paid advertisement and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As the first might be…

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account-based marketing tips for tech companies

Top 10 Account-Based Marketing Tips for Tech Companies

It’s likely that if you’re reading this coming from tech or IT perspective – you already enjoy a much closer relationship with account-based marketing (ABM) than those marketers from other industries. Having said that, there are still some key areas,…

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How to keep your marketing fit and prepare your come-back after the coronavirus pandemic?

The world has come to a standstill. We are holding our breaths, reading the news with a deeper and deeper feeling of hopelessness. The economy has slowed down. People are grounded at homes, juggling children and work at the same…

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landing page tips

6 tips for creating landing page with high conversion rates

When you visit a landing page, you immediately form an impression of the rest of the website and the business as such. Does it look professional? Does it interest you? Is this what you were after? Is the information well-presented…

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content marketing image

How to make B2B content marketing more effective?

What is content marketing? The short answer is it’s the material that marketers create to stimulate audience interest but not necessarily to promote a specific brand’s product or services. By focusing on piquing the interest of target audiences rather than…

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ABM technology image

ABM Technology: Discover the 3 main features you can expect from this & more

ABM Technology Not all brands are created equally and by token, most will have very specific needs, that are unique to their circumstances and requirements. Marketers looking to take advantage of account-based marketing software solutions will need to do their…

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Podcast interview with Guy Woodcock, CEO of Montpellier PR & Dean Enon, Head of PR

Podcast interview with Guy Woodcock, CEO of Montpellier PR & Dean Enon, Head of PR. During the DIGITAL X event in Cologne, Guy and Dean speak candidly about how traditional PR has adapted to different modes of digital messaging and…

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