What is Google Display Network all about?

Google offers plenty of ways to be present on the Internet. Google Display Network, Google’s image ad, is one of them.

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What is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a network of thematic Google-related portals. You can place them on your banner ad. By way of using it, your ad may appear, among others, on Google Maps or YouTube and on all websites connected with Google as well as its partners. This network includes over 2 million web pages which are visited by more than 90% of all users of the Internet.

Available formats

Google accepts many sizes and formats of advertisements. You can create both static and flash ads. The accepted sizes range from a small square of 200×200 px and a long banner of 728×90 px up to a large rectangle of 336×280 px. It all depends on your needs and ideas.


Google Display Network offers a variety of targeting possibilities. The most important are:

  • Geographical targeting – targeting by location.
  • Content and contextual targeting – your ad will appear on pages with a similar subject matter. You define the key words which will be taken into consideration while selecting a website for the campaign.
  • Topic targeting – the ad will show up on pages that belong to a specific category, e.g. business, travel or technology. There are more than 1,500 categories available in AdWords.
  • Placement targeting – you choose the websites on which your advertisement will appear.
  • Audience targeting – through browsed pages, users define their areas of interest and the advertisement will be seen only by those who are interested in given topics.

Additional tools

Apart from the standard activities offered by Google Display Network, you can also apply:

  • Re-marketing – your advertisement will be directed to those who already have visited your website.
  • Automatic optimisation – the cost for each click will be set automatically so as to achieve an optimal return of the invested capital.
  • Above the Fold advertising – the ad will appear in the visible place, that is at the top of the page.
  • Frequency Capping – you can establish the display limit per user.


  • Prepare several versions of your advertisement. Check which one is more effective and whether the ad formats can be displayed on a particular website. Otherwise, you may have to modify them.
  • Rule out the key words and categories which do not interest you. After that, targeting will become more precise.

Activity in the Google Display Network is your chance to get noticed by the Internet users. This will make you more visible and far more people will come to visit your page. As you know, the bigger the website traffic, the more new leads you can generate.

If you need help in designing, setting up or optimising your Google ads, let us know. We’d be happy to support you.



Anita graduated with a degree in PR. She has an interest in media, online marketing and is an avid reader. Time management is particularly important to her and she cites Steve Jobs and Eric Emmanuel Schmitt as her heroes.

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