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Social media – promotional boost

Social Media, A New Era… Social media has created a new era of online communication. They are used not only by family members or amongst friends, but also small and big companies have noticed their advantages. Now more than ever,…

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Rebranding is not just a logo change

2 Types of re-branding There are two basic types of re-branding: Revitalising – refresh your brand by giving it a new look and character Re-positioning Change of target audience – when the market has saturated and the segment previously occupied…

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Social Selling – new face of marketing

What is social selling? Social selling is the process of transforming your relations with customers into a chain of sales. In other words, it is about creating a bond with Internet users. By sharing valuable content, replying to any kind…

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How to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign?

Social media analytics. How to understand these? “The biggest mistake I see public relations and social media pros making is that they are not measuring what matters. They spend wasted time creating reports that don’t match the business goals and…

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How to be successful at business negotiations

Business negotiations, the art of: Establishing the terms of cooperation before signing an agreement is a process which every entrepreneur will go through sooner or later. The aim of successful negotiations is to get to the point where both parties…

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How to prepare a newsletter?

What is a newsletter? A newsletter is an electronic form of a bulletin distributed regularly at time intervals. The message is communicated for free to all subscribers by e-mail. Goals and planning First of all, you need to think about…

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Sensory branding

Lots of things affect our senses without us noticing. If you own an outlet, it is better for you to control the atmosphere so that unnoticed elements don’t make your customers leave without getting what they were looking for. Branding…

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Viral marketing

What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is a way of transmitting and spreading engaging materials by linking. It is mainly done through social media by posting links that redirect people to note worthy content. You need to create such a…

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3 platforms to advertise in social media

The 3 best social media platforms & what to focus on: 1. Facebook Facebook is one of the top platforms when it comes to advertising. It offers a number of possibilities. For starters, the ‘Promote Your Post’ option – you…

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5 values of the SMART rule

SMART Definition Properly defined goals may become the indicators of your company’s achievements and development. The most popular and easiest to apply, especially in technology companies, is the SMART principle. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely defined….

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What is Google Display Network all about?

What is Google Display Network? Google Display Network is a network of thematic Google-related portals. You can place them on your banner ad. By way of using it, your ad may appear, among others, on Google Maps or YouTube and…

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Digital Visibility

How to enhance your digital visibility

Boosting Your Digital Visibility Advertising is the mainstay of commerce. Nowadays, we have departed from conventional forms of promotion in favour of online marketing. The question is: what should you do to make yourself visible exactly where you want to be…

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Google Ads

Start advertising your business on Google Ads

What is Google Ads? Google Ads is Google’s paid advertising system. The linked pages display sponsored CPC links (cost per click) aimed at redirecting users to your page. How does Google Ads work? Ads offers many forms of advertising. It…

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