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What does a successful social media strategy really mean?

A Social media strategy is a scheme of actions that assist companies in: determining achievable goals, planning their implementation, performing activities, evaluating them and introducing necessary changes. The strategy is essential for all people engaged in social media activities to…

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Why Marketing Analytics is important?

What is the difference between Web Analytics and Marketing analytics? Web analytics is all about understanding the performance of a website. It will provide information on load times, bounce back rates and the amount of time people spend on your…

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6 Buzz marketing buttons and methods to make your content shine!

What is buzz marketing? Industry professionals are always using the term ‘buzz marketing’, but you may be thinking: what exactly is buzz marketing ? This is a viral marketing strategy, where people are encouraged to discuss/create a ‘buzz’ about a…

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Seeding- how does it work?

How to seed content? Before you begin to seed your content, ask yourself whether the content is interesting enough to be launched. Will people actually want to read and share this content? Once you have decided that you have quality…

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