6 Buzz marketing buttons and methods to make your content shine!

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What is buzz marketing?

Industry professionals are always using the term ‘buzz marketing’, but you may be thinking: what exactly is buzz marketing ? This is a viral marketing strategy, where people are encouraged to discuss/create a ‘buzz’ about a product/service. Rather than using traditional communication channels such as tv, radio, billboards etc, excitement is created about a brand which then has a ripple effect as more and more individuals begin to discuss the brand.

Why should I use buzz marketing?

The technique is highly recommended to startups and small business who may be strapped for cash and are looking for an inexpensive way to market their product/service. However, larger companies can benefit from buzz marketing as it can be a useful and easy tool to implement. The growth of social media has enabled this classic word-of-mouth strategy to be applied to the online world. Interest can be quickly generated as consumers review and provide opinions about an item, spreading this information throughout their social circles. Consumers may perceive buzz marketing to be more reliable and trustworthy as other people appear to have no vested interest in promoting a brand.

What are the methods of buzz marketing?

The principles of buzz marketing aim to subtly generate excitement about a product and introduce it to consumers. Listed below are some methods and how they can effectively be applied to your digital marketing strategy.

Is your brand buzz-worthy?

To generate buzz, your product/ service should be something people will be excited to talk about. It should be original or innovative. Mark Hughes described 6 buzz marketing buttons which will help to get people talking about your product:

  • Taboo/controversial
  • Unusual/unique
  • Outrageous
  • Hilarious
  • Remarkable
  • Revealing or keeping secrets to generate excitement

Encourage online communication

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow companies to communicate directly with their target consumers, encourage them to generate buzz and keep that buzz going. Similarly, online forums are a useful tool for encouraging discussions about your brand.

Influential individuals

Identify industry influencers, inform them about your brand and encourage them to spread and share their thoughts to their followers. For example, send a product sample to an influential blogger and ask them to mention your product to their audience.


Online reviews and testimonials can generate buzz and are also good ways of collecting customer feedback for future improvements.



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