Interview with Susan Brunner, Sustainability & Marketing Stream Lead, Mondi

Interview with Susan Brunner

Interview Q’s & A’s:

BCM: What experience do you have in your field?

I have been with Mondi for over 11 years, most recently as Team Lead Office Papers and responsible for the flagship brand ColorCopy. I’ve designed and implemented countless campaigns for office paper and professional paper. As a paper company, we put a great deal of emphasis on the haptic elements of a campaign, which is becoming increasingly important in combination with digital.


BCM: Where do you see the potential associated with marketing automation?

I see a lot of potential from Marketing Automation to optimize advertising campaigns. Collect information on customer relationships, analyse, evaluate and then apply the appropriate marketing measures. An important goal of marketing automation, is the optimal design of marketing processes that are both efficient and goal-oriented. If we can communicate more efficiently with end customers in the future (currently we trade wholesale) and are able to create a stronger pull effect, this would be a great development.


BCM: Which of your marketing measures or tools were well received by the customer? Please describe one of your success stories.

One of our current projects is the re-branding of ColorCopy, where we have improved everything around the product. Everything from the packaging, logo, box design, advertising material and assortment; to conveying the brand’s story emotionally using the slogan: ‘Doing a great Job’. We place great emphasis on digital tools, with a new microsite and digital marketing strategy focusing on Facebook as the main channel. We have received fantastic feedback from customers about the new look, print and online tools.


BCM: Are there any new B2B trends that you are particularly interested in?

I am interested in B2B Marketing.


BCM: Thinking about the next generation, is there a topic that is particularly important to you?

My advice to be successful in marketing is always to ask this question: “Who is your audience?” and: “What do you want and what would interest them?”.  You should not only be thinking about what it is that you want to say or sell. Then you are already, halfway to success.


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Educated in Krakow and Vienna, with a working background in Marketing and Event Management gained in St. Petersburg, Paris and London, Maria has a strong interest in marketing and business development with a particular emphasis on visual content marketing. She is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Black Cliff Media Ltd., where she manages Web Design and Graphic Design projects.

Maria speaks fluent Polish, English and German, some French and Russian and she currently studies Italian. She loves basketball, trail-running and tennis. She is married and has two young sons.

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